Development of the P1vital® PReDicT Test (Work Package 1)

P1vi­tal® PRe­DicT Test on Tablet

Click to enlarge – The P1vi­tal® PReDicT Test

WP1 Objectives:

  • To further develop the P1vital® PReDicT Test to meet the functional, information security and regulatory requirements for successful deployment in WP2
  • Implement modifications to the existing P1vital® PReDicT Test to allow for multi-language support including Dutch, French, German and Spanish
  • Implement any modifications necessary to comply with the final clinical study protocol for WP2
  • Install and test the P1vital® PReDicT Test and supporting infrastructure to ensure it performs as intended in the countries participating in the project and meets all the necessary regulatory requirements
  • Conduct the necessary software validation activities and update all the necessary documentation to CE mark the P1vital® PReDicT Test as a Class I Medical Device, for use in the project
  • Maintain and support the P1vital® PReDicT Test to ensure the successful completion of the project


WP1 Lead: Jonathan Kingslake



PReDicT TestPReDicT TestPReDicT Test






WP1 Partners:

  • This work package is led by P1vital Products Ltd who will perform the project management, validation activities and produce all the validation documentation described below.
  • P1vital Products Ltd will be supported by Elysium Ltd, a third party software provider, who will further develop the software and maintain the P1vital® PReDicT Test infrastructure and application during the project.


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