Project management (Work Package 5)

WP5 Objectives:

  • Establish and operate management structures and processes as defined in the grant agreement
  • Ensure that the project delivered is of high quality, on time and within budget
  • Facilitate communication between project team members, stakeholders and the European Commission
  • Effectively manage project and financial reporting, project issues arising and risks


WP5 Lead: Dr Rebecca Dias

PReDicT Project Timelines

PReDicT Project Timelines

WP5 Partners:

  • Project oversight will be provided by the Steering Committee. They will be the ultimate decision making and arbitration body for the project, being responsible for strategic guidance, leadership and issue resolution.
  • Project management will be provided by the project management office supported by individual WP leads.
PReDicT Project Management Structure

Click to enlarge – PReDicT Project Management Structure


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